Help Our Friend and Advocate Win an Art Contest

StreamWorks has a lot of friends around the world. Some of them are insanely talented. We would like to introduce you to Christian Howarth of Drawings on the Fly. Christian lives in Eugene, Oregon and is an avid fly fisherman and artist. His artwork focuses on fly fishing and flies and some of them are so real that it’s hard to tell them apart from the photos. He is a big fan of StreamWorks and constantly helps spread the good word about us to other anglers. There are some examples of his work at the bottom of this article.

Christian is currently in an art contest trying to win some art supplies to help him continue his passion. The contest ends on August 29th. We need all of you to simply go to the following link and click the “VOTE” button. You are allowed to vote once per day until the 29th.


Some of Christian’s Amazing Work

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